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April 13, 2012
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You stared at your maple loving best friend Matthew. As usual, he was eating pancakes for lunch and you resisted face palming at his pancake with maple syrup obsession, much like his twin brother Alfred with his hamburgers. You've known Matthew, and Alfred, since freshman year and now it's already senior year. Yet, even if it's senior year, many people still mistake Matthew for Alfred, but never vice-versa considering that Alfred was the popular jock while Matthew was just…invisible somehow. It was sad, but because people kept mistaking Mattie for Alfred, he ended up developing low self-esteem and most of the time; he always believed that someone was mistaking him for his brother. He still has friends though, just not as many as Alfred has. He was probably 'invisible' because he never really talked unless he was spoken too, but sometimes you felt bad for him when people who hated Alfred would hurt Matthew, thinking it was Alfred. However at the same time, you couldn't help but be impressed when Mattie would be able to kindly tell them they've got the wrong person and how if he was ever in actual danger or seriously about to get hurt, he'd stand up for himself. Though, it still didn't change the fact that the people would still forget about him.

For three years, you've realized that you had fallen in love with Matthew. Unlike most girls though, you were more confident and told him about your feelings last year. What you didn't expect from the canuck was that not only would he –politely- reject you, but that he also had a girlfriend. You were so shocked about the news because you never knew that he had a girlfriend and plus you were one of his best friends and he never told you about it. In a way, you ended up being friend-zoned by Matthew, which was pretty surprising. Nonetheless your feelings for him haven't faltered at all, yes you were saddened when you saw him and his girlfriend together but somehow you still managed to love him.

*Matthew's point-of-view*

I was happily reading a book under the shade of a tree when I saw my girlfriend waving at me. I casually waved back and as I looked at her, I saw her frown. Suddenly I heard a beeping noise. Slowly I took my phone to read the text my girlfriend sent me, saying she wanted to tell me something. Quietly I walk over to my girlfriend who still looks at me with a frown.

"What… did you want to talk about?" I asked, feeling uneasy and the sudden tense atmosphere.

She deeply sighs before looking at me.

"Look, Matthew, it's already been like, six months or something? I think it's time we stopped seeing each other." She said matter-of-factly.

"W-What?" I stutter, at her proposition of breaking up.

"Let's break up." She said seriously.

"B-But why?" I asked looking at her with sadden eyes.

"I'll be honest, at first I asked you out thinking you were Alfred. Then when I realized you weren't, I thought that by dating you, it would give me a chance to be closer to him and he'd want to date me." She said casually as my heart felt like it's been ripped in two.

"…ok." I said, because there wasn't anything else I could say.

Before she had a chance to even say another word I took off and ran.

My whole life I've always been mistaken for Alfred. I should expect this since we're twins but it gets so frustrating that I can barely take it. No matter how different we act people, including our own parents, always mistake me for my brother or worse, they forget I even exist. Not only that, everyone prefers my brother to me, I am so sure of that… my now ex-girlfriend just told me that she was only using me to get closer to Alfred. Although I don't hate Alfred, it's not always his fault that I get ignored, and deep down I know he cares about me. He even warned me about my girlfriend two weeks ago, but I didn't listen because I was happy that there was someone that loved me… or so I thought.

When I open my eyes, I find myself in the library. I must have run all the way here without realizing and quietly I head to the nearest chair and sit on it, trying to contain my tears. That's when I look outside the window and see [name] happily chatting with Alfred.

[Name]… Since freshman year she's been sweet to me, she never mistook me for Alfred and she would always talked to me. I felt bad for rejecting her last year when she confessed to me, but I was honestly happy to know that there was someone out there who loved me for who I am.

… She… loved…me.

Suddenly I get up from a chair, and I realized what a mistake I've done all this time. Then I sit back down, more saddened than before and let my head lay on the table. I ruined something that could have been truly amazing.

*Your point-of-view*

It's been two weeks, when Mattie broke up with his despicable girlfriend. Really, who could ever use Mattie like that? You were so angry at her, but pretty happy that Matthew was now available. You had found out about the break up through Alfred, who told you the day after it happened. He told you that the whole night Matthew was crying in his room hugging the polar bear plushie that you had given him at Christmas three years ago. Again, you felt bad that Matthew was suffering, but you felt touched that he had kept the polar bear plushie that you had given him.

However lately, you've been noticing that Matthew was acting strange. You were pretty sure that it wasn't because of the break up because he's mostly been acting weird when he was around you. He'd never look at you in the eye and he would start blushing when you gave him a hug.

This left you unfazed though, because you were determined to once again confess to Matthew that you still loved him.

So you patiently waited for Matthew to arrive at one of the trees in the back of the school where your note indicated. Humming to yourself while waiting, you didn't hear the footsteps approaching you.


"Hi…Mattie." You said slowly.

"What's up? What did you want to talk about?" He asked, looking at you slightly confused.

"I… I just…" you started, suddenly feeling your palms get sweaty from anxiety.


"I wanted to tell you, that… I'm still in love with you and I want to be your girlfriend."

You confessed, your cheeks reddening.

"R-Really?" He stuttered, his face turning crimson in turn.

"Yes… I still do Matthew." You replied.

Suddenly you felt Matthew's arms embrace you, bringing you closer to his body that you could smell maple syrup off him. Quietly you returned the hug and looked at him, waiting for an answer. Instead of speaking, Matthew just stared and before you could even blink, he closed the distance between your lips.

It was sweet, like maple syrup, and yet it was breathtaking. Within the kiss you could feel all of Matthew's emotion being put into it. You could feel the feelings of loneliness, despair, sadness, but there was also hope, happiness and most importantly your feelings being reciprocated.

Eventually Matthew broke away from the kiss, holding your hands and looked at you with still red cheeks.

"Are…you sure about this [name]?" He asked tentively.

"Of course I am. I've always wanted to be with you Mattie." You reassured.

"You're sure you don't want Alfred… I mean… maybe this is a mistake." He said, his voice showing a tone of disappointment.

Quietly you brought his face closer to yours, looking deep into his eyes and before you leaned in for another sweet kiss, you whispered.

"I could never mistake you for anyone else."
Hey everyone~
This time I wrote a canada x reader oneshot~!
[Cause he's my fav lol x3]

But, i know it's short and... it sucks.

This time I really rushed it like it took less time than my usual stuff cause I was rushing >3<

If there's a mistake I'll fix it~ :3

OMM[Oh my Maple] 1000 views?! Thanks everyone~
Canada: Thanks for remembering me~
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